Regardless of the wonderful summer weather and sunshine, the works at Telliskivi 49 have been progressing smoothly. The construction of the floors at Arte Galeriimaja is finished, now the roof panels are being installed, then the parapets will be built and finally we will get to the roofing work.

While a part of our team is occupied with preparations for roofing work, others are busy installing frames for the balconies. It is a good feeling – to know, that at the same time next year most of the inhabitants of 2-room apartments at Arte Galeriimaja will be able to enjoy the hot summer weather from their very own balconies. In the evenings the amazing golden glow of the sun paints the roofs and gardens of the Pelgulinn area with its unique milieu – it is a pure joy to think of all these people who will be making homes out of these apartments.

In case of unbearably high temperatures inside (during summers like we have now), one would be relieved to know that the Arte Galeriimaja have cooling ventilation system for inside blowing air. Also we have not forgotten to plan carefully for the winter months, which is precisely why we have chosen heat recovery ventilation to help minimize heating expenses during the cold period.

Last week the second floor windows for Arte Galeriimaja arrived at the construction site at Telliskivi 49. The installation of these quality triple-glazed windows started right away.

In case you haven’t contacted Priit yet (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) to learn more about the project please do not hesitate to do so, as the number of available apartments keeps getting smaller.